My First Mention in Angel Up Front Blog!

After Auditioning for function band Angel Up Front a month ago, expecting to have 2 months to prepare and learn the 2 sets, I am very excitingly being thrown in to the deep end this Friday for my first gig!

The guys even wrote a really really lovely post on their weekly blog!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 14.57.02

It’s not been easy, but we have, I think, struck gold, and secured the services of the delightful Miss Rosa Gray, who – in addition to her really rather impressive musical skills – is an irrepressibly cheerful and energetic bundle of fun; not only has she made excellent progress with learning the songs, she has also survived encounters with my lunatic offspring, passing the notoriously challenging “Jimi Test” with flying colours. We think you’re going to like her.

And, already, Ben has managed to make her actually cry. (But only with laughter – we’re not usually that mean to singers until at least half way through the first gig).

Due to some unfortunate circumstances involving both Stuart and myself being in the wrong countries, we’ve not really given poor Rosa much rehearsal time to get ready for gigging; but we figured, what the hell…

Friday 11th Sept – The Tern Inn, Yate
Now, we’ve not played this one before, the landlord used to run the Portcullis in Fishponds, so he has at least some idea of what to expect from us. What he won’t be expecting, though, is young Rosa, since I didn’t have a chance to change the posters…

Don’t worry though folks, you’ve not seen the last of Lou – we’re doing what any self-respecting management consultant would call an “interactive phased transition handover period”, or as I call it, “Mucking about a bit”

Thus the following night we’re playing a wedding gig with Lou; the next weekend we’re playing with Rosa, and then we have one more lined up with Lou after that, before we finally set her free into the wild. We’ll keep y’all posted with details nearer the time.


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