2 Debut Gigs this weekend! Angel Up Front and Retro Electro

What a Rio-ly great weekend!!

Friday Night- The Turn Pub with Angel Up Front in Yate. So many props were pulled out that evening to which i had no idea! I became very attached to the ginormous pink sunglasses which looked fantastic! So MANY really nice compliments after my first gig with Angel!

2015-09-11 23.52.53

Saturday afternoon,  there may have been a cheeky photo shoot within SparkleTown’s (My current home of residence) living room. After some hefty furniture removal and some sneaky lighting and flash positioning me and Lauren Davies got some great cheeky photos taken by the wonderful Charlie Matters for our project The Gravies Jazz Duo! .. which will be unveiled within time.

Saturday Night- The Tunnels, Bristol with Retro Electro. Bringing some sassy saxophone to the ears of the amazing crowd- who were LOVING IT! Great Fun! Especially liked the ever growing length of wig changes the bass player had going on through out the evening!

For the occasion i even treated myself to a NEW tenor Saxophone mouthpiece from Trevor Jones’ Brass and Woodwind shop Saturday morning. I tried out 6 different ones- SUCH LOVELY STAFF! But settled on a fabulous metal Earlham 5.



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