BoogieWoogie Time and New Photo’s

I had a last minute opportunity in February of depping for the singer of BoogieWoogie Band The Harlem Rhythm Cats at a Tattoo Convention in Frome.

Never before have I seen someone getting a tattoo done- nevermind 10 people in the same room getting one done. Amusingly, the facial expressions on the participants varied dramatically, but the artwork being produced was stunning!

“Big thanks Rosa Gray from Harlem Rhythm Cats for stepping in at short notice, You Did a great job!”

Matt Swanson from The Harlem Rhythm Cat’s


I have also officially joined Linkedin, the world’s largest professional network. If anyone would also like to join, click on the link above to take you to my profile.

Angel Up Front had a day of professional filming and photographs for a promo video which will be ready to unveil within the next few weeks.

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