The Rosa Gray Band ARE BACK!!!

It has been a very long two year gap since The Rosa Gray band last played, but now with many new great catchy songs and a new determination, we are back for good! We are next playing at Hobphin Festival: Sat 3rd Sept 2016 Midday, Dolphin Inn, Uphill, Somerset.

A live footage compilation of our 1st gig back including brand new songs “You’ve got sole” and “You don’t need one”.

A GIANT THANK YOU to ANDREW THOMPSON for capturing The Rosa Gray Band at their finest 😉

It has been a tricky few months for me, needing physiotherapy on both my wrists and doing 7 weeks of Temp work in various locations/ companies in order to gather money together as my rent went up!

But i’m now on the road to recovery after reading the New Harry Potter Book and have my Cousins wedding to look forward to this Saturday!

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