Being An Angel For 1 Year…

Can YOU believe it?? I’ve been The Angel of Angel Up front for one whole year! 64 gigs later… and I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected!  I’ve seen giant dancing camels, cuddles with giant tigers and a man place his underpants on his head requesting his free drink at the bar .. due to the persuasion of our hilarious flyers.

I’ve learnt the following things:

  • Everyone loves Britney!
  • Carrying heavy equipment isn’t for me
  • Cockwombles really do exist!
  • Never under estimate a good ToyBox!
  • I’ve become an expert at air guitar .. and a very sparkly tambourine!

Some of the funniest things have happened…

  • The girl who was so excited about the song raised both her arms in such excitement, completely forgetting she had a bottle of corona in her hand.. and proceeded to tip it over herself!
  • The tambourinist who pulled his trousers down ..
  • Miracle! Man dropped his pint! .. It landed face up! Not even a dent or drop of liquid lost!
  • The time I had a #MarilynMonroe Moment alongside a giant fan..
  • The girls that broke out in to a synchronized dance routine!
  • The time I offended Wolverine by calling him Edward ScissorHands
  • The awkward moment when i asked some drunken ladies what they were celebrating that evening …and they responded a wake
  • When Ben, our bassist licked my face ?!

The Ridiculous…

  • Over 20 people have claimed they won the hottest man of the year award!
  • I can’t count the amount of people who have fallen over our PA!
  • Someone chipped a tooth in Fishponds
  • The PolarBear Cheese Pirates form out of Space! Need i say more?  George, George and George!
  • The dreaded 2 flights of outside steps at the Rum Bar..
  • Playing a festival called GoatFest where I made 300 people do star jumps!
  • My face made a newspaper front page!



What a year?!! Thanks Gentlemen- Stuart, Alan and Ben! 🙂 


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  1. says:

    an angel for a year?time flys when you’re having fun!see you at the vic on Saturday!


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