Rosa Gray Is Back On Track!

What a fabulous way to end 2018!

Lots of exciting and exhilarating performances with various bands, instruments, in musical styles, venues and even 2 with an incredible dance troupe.

The end of 2018 saw me bringing both my saxophone and flute out again to showcase to the world. Since damaging the tendons in my wrists and arms, I’ve not had the joy of playing my instruments for a long while- having had to be really careful what I pick up and the strain I put on myself physically. 

But the wait for them to heal is finally over and I have had the pleasure of performing my saxophone with The Harlem Rhythm Cats at a beautiful quaint church in Binegar and my flute came out for 4 times in December! An exquisite jazz duo performance with the talented Seb Gutiez, a Love Actually moment during a wedding ceremony at Thornbury Castle and 2 fantastic performances alongside the Flaming Feathers Dance Troop.

The flute was my first love in the music world- long before I even knew I could sing. It’s what I studied and did grades on all through school, obtaining a merit for Grade 8 before heading off to BathSpa University to study BA Music; classical for year 1, and then to Jazz (the dark side) for years 2 & 3. Achieving a 76 for my final jazz flute 50 minute Recital back in 2013. So I’m so relived to be back playing my instruments- I’ve missed them!

What else have I been up to in 2018?

In November 2018 I had the great pleasure of starting a new job at Pirate Studios (Music rehearsal and recording studio company) as their new administrator which is vastly growing and is a very exciting place to be.

I have been busy sewing as a keen seamstress eager to learn more and master tricky techniques; so far completing 2 bespoke designs for very happy clients, 1 of which being for the incredible Bristol Superstar Lady Nade who will be showcasing my handmade Princess dress made for her measurements in a music video to be released in February 2019- which I look forward to both seeing and sharing with you!

Jazz The Two Of Us – Guitar and Vocal Jazz Duo with the charming Michael Cooper is still going strong with a brand new promo video filmed this year and new ventures of gigs, making it to London in November for a private function.

I’ve been running a weekly Brownie group for a whole year now which I thoroughly enjoy creating new and fun ideas for the Brownies to play, learn and have a memorable time with. They call me Flamingo and I have a bright pink pin badge which I wear on my bright pink Brownie leader top.

I hope to achieve my leadership qualification in 2019!

I’m a super happy and excited Rosa with lots of new and exciting projects in the pipeline which I look forward to sharing with you!

Happy New Year! 🥳



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