Did Someone Say PINK?

If you’ve seen me this month, you definitely won’t have had any trouble seeing me.

I’ve just finished making myself a BRIGHT PINK coat! It’s my dream coat that I’ve been wanting to make for ages- but never quite got round to finding the right fabric. It’s super fluffy on the inside and has sparkly silver trimmings around the edge.

Pirate Studios have very excitingly promoted me to #OperationsCoordinator! WoWoo! And I have accepted their offer of going full time from the beginning of March.

This does unfortunately mean that I will be leaving my lovely job at Time2Share- a disabled children charity I’ve been enjoying working at for 3 years (The longest I’ve ever been in the same job- well done me!) helping organise wonderful monthly groups and day trips! I’m really going to miss speaking to the families who are so utterly grateful for the service Time2Share provides and working with my fellow staff Nicki & Jo who brighten my day!  

This month I’ve had chance to see 2 incredible live performances:

  • Becki Biggins at Future Inn, Bristol

Excellent stage presence and ability to communicate with the audience really well. I’ve been following Becki on social media for a while now and this was the first chance I was able to see her in her new show ‘It’s a man’s world’.

  • Anton & Erin Dancing through Musicals, Pavillion Bournemouth

I took my fabulous grandma to go see Strictly Come Dancing stars Anton & Erin perform the most mesmerising dances and in such great costumes! Not only did they have some super flexible dancers on stage with them, but a 30 strong orchestra and live singers too- heaven to the ears.

This January I’ve been busy applying to various festivals and events for The Rosa Gray Band to perform at. I’m looking forward to sharing those dates with you shortly!

For the moment, these are my next up and coming public performances:

Sat 2nd March– Charity Fundraiser for Guide Dogs. Jazz The Two Of Us will be performing at Faith space Redcliffe Methodist Church, BS1 6PB https://www.facebook.com/events/242051760041117/

Sunday 17th March- Jazz The Two Of Us play The Blue Lagoon, Bristol 8.30-10.30pm

Sunday 31st March- Jazz The Two Of Us play The Boat House, Bradford On Avon 3-5pm

Sunday 14th April- Jazz The Two Of Us play The Boat House, Bradford On Avon 3-5pm

Sunday 19th May– Jazz The Two Of Us play The Blue Lagoon, Bristol 8.30-10.30pm

Thursday 30th May  Commitments Tribute Performance, Chippenham Neeld Theatre http://neeld.co.uk/whats-on/the-commitments-experience/

If you haven’t yet seen #JazzTheTwoOfUs ’s promo video, then please do take a look if you’re looking for a tantalising jazz duo to perform at your wedding, restaurant or private party. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6nMrxXvqTI



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