Travelling Business Women

Busy yet Incredible few months for Rosa Gray!
Promotion at Pirate Studios
Lots of gigs coming up!

Jolly June

Jolly June and a packed summer of gigs!

Cheltenham Jazz Festival! Where Next?

I can officially say I’ve performed at the prestigious Cheltenham Jazz Festival with my originals band- The Rosa Gray Band. A super lovely crowd and a whole lot of fun, I really love performing my own original songs and look forward to our next public gig with the whole band to share these with you….

Made for Lady Nade

Late last year I was honoured to make Lady Nade her very own Princess Dress to feature in her music video La La Larve! ❤️  It’s just been released and looks super beautiful! Watch from 1.10 to see Lady Nade gracing down the stairs & floating round the ballroom! I’ve had an excellent month…

Rosa Gray Is Back On Track!

What a fabulous way to end 2018! Lots of exciting and exhilarating performances with various bands, instruments, in musical styles, venues and even 2 with an incredible dance troupe. The end of 2018 saw me bringing both my saxophone and flute out again to showcase to the world. Since damaging the tendons in my wrists…

The Rosa Gray Band ARE BACK!!!

It has been a very long two year gap since The Rosa Gray band last played, but now with many new great catchy songs and a new determination, we are back for good! We are next playing at Hobphin Festival: Sat 3rd Sept 2016 Midday, Dolphin Inn, Uphill, Somerset.